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ALERT: Community Town Halls Are Still Going, Continue Congressional Pressure: Full Steam Ahead

Easter Recess is over for congress but some members are still in their respective cities holding Town Halls. Below is a link to a list provided by Heritage Action of localities that are still on agenda for this quarter. Please check it out and pass it around. If you haven't already, please consider joining the Heritage Action as a Sentinel. You receive important legislative updates and also provide feedback to help get action items accomplished in DC right from the comfort of home or wherever you might be.

In addition to the Town Halls many local Tea Party groups are gathering in their local respective areas as well. Please take a look and see if a group might be meeting by you so you can get involved there.

For Republican women, I suggest also plugging in to your local National Federation of Republican Women location. With monthly meetings and regional action plans this is also a way for you to take action in a way that is closest to home a…

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