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Sunday, February 12, 2017

This blog is being given a YUGE facelift!

 No I am not getting rid of my freedom blog, but I do need an easier way to share information with all of you, so....

We Are Moving!

Please keep your eyes open for our new platform for freedom

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tis the Season-Spook Tacular Time To Share Some Laughs...BOO!


It is that time a year again when I can share my favorite video from Steven Crowder...


I need YOUR help!...... Please and Thank you!!

I have a lot of great things in the works but I need Your help.... I am Testing my New YouTube Chanel.....Working out some kinks...

Can you help by taking a look and confirming it CAN BE VIEWED---and not from MY devices :)

Thanks All!!

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Hillary Can't Run Forever...Tell me what you think...Pre-Debate Input ...

Actually, Hillary can't physically run at all... But you know what I mean...

***this a test video upload of material I recorded last week, LET ME KNOW YOU SAW IT so I can finish all configurations for future videos***

Y'all are AWESOME!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Going Against His Promise To Supporters, Bernie Backs Hillary

In a heavy political move by a self avowed non-politician, Bernie Sanders throws socialist supporters under the bus for Hillary Clinton.

#CommunismInFullThrottle #ThugPolitics NY Times Reports:

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Donald Trump Rumors Fly That VP Pick May Stay Close To Home

You heard the rumor right about the presumed Donald Trump pick for VP, and it is not Newt.

In a swing so far left of what conservatives were chatting about yesterday, The Winds of Donald swarm away from Newt Gingrich, the love child of "conservatism" elitists to none other than.... wait for it...

Ivanka Trump.

No joke. Read on here...

Keeping it in the "family"... For me, it is odd and disturbing to read let alone conseive that conservatives, Americans in general, are ok with such a proposal.

The huge hint to a YUUUUGE problem: People remarking that she is smart and HOT.  Say what? urrrrrrrr..... Since when did a qualifier for VP of the single most powerful nation in the world become the vagina. Liberals agree on their V of choice Hillary Clinton. Oi.

Don't stress about it folks as I come with good news...

It will be no surprise if the headlining winds change again as this seems to be what I call "the trend of Trump." Give it a few hours... Or minutes.... Or seconds...

Thursday, July 7, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Ted Cruz to Speak at the Republican Convention

It has come to light that Ted Cruz has been 'asked' by Donald Trump to speak at Convention. 

Don't start the presses yet. And...

Now, don't get your panties in a wad... It may be a simple unification speech--or it may be process. 

I know many of you have been waiting for the opportunity to vote for a true conservative candidate for some time, you may or may not have that chance on the Republican ticket. Either way we have a tough road ahead and it should prove interesting what Ted Cruz will deliver in his message at the Republican Convention. I'm sure Hillary is sweating now!! 

Like many of you, for months now I have been battered, demeaned, called a traitor, a hack for Hillary because of my stance behind PROCESS. Specifically, for Ted Cruz. Look, MY vote IS MY OWN. 

Directed at the tisk-tiskers I would like to remind y'all that part of our process as a Republic is that we have convention, delegates who represent US. This is not a true Democracy, it's not a simple popular vote that decides who the Presidential candidates are. Here is some light reading:

With that said...


After Convention: UNITED WE STAND 

#Convention #Freedom #GetOutTheVote